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Set up in 2001, Arthur Hunt Transition is one of the pioneers in Transition Management in France. We are now a leading player in this market.

We support our customers:

  • Large groups, mid-caps, SMEs, in their transformation, crisis management and relay management projects.
  • Transition managers, in identifying the best assignment opportunity.

Our team of Partners and Directors are responsive and approachable and take an active part in all the company’s management functions in all economic sectors. We undertake to provide you with suitable candidates within 5 days.

With an ever-expanding community of more than 3,000 Managers, Arthur Hunt Transition can offer an experienced talent pool of people who are immediately available and fully mobile (in France and overseas).

Because we belong to an Independent consulting group, ourTransition Management offering is part of a global service approach. Our transition managers can capitalise on the Group’s multiple areas of expertise to ensure the success of their assignment.

This approachable team, made up of committed experts, can offer our customers a tailor-made solution and follow-up to meet their various needs.

The team

Anne Cudkowicz

Transition General Manager / Partner
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Anne Cudkowicz

Graduated with a master’s degree in private law and a Master’s degree in Human Resources from EM Strasbourg, Anne joined Arthur Hunt Transition in 2010 to become Partner in 2017 and General Manager of the activity in 2019. Anne began her professional career in a hunting firm specializing in the recruitment of executives and then for seven years, created and developed, as manager, the Marketing & Commercial division within Expectra (Randstad Group).

Thanks to an experience of nearly twenty years acquired in advising and supporting managers, Anne has a strong expertise in the contexts of transformation and organizational development. Anne has extensive knowledge of the industrial and service sectors. She is well acquainted with private equity and family businesses as well as major international groups.

Gwenola Dubois Dorkel

Transition General Director / Partner
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Gwenola Dubois Dorkel

With an MBA in Management from IFAG Paris, and after 10 years as a consultant and then manager at Expectra (Ranstand Group), Gwënola joined the Arthur Hunt Group in 2005 to develop the Transition Management business.

Gwënola became a Partner in 2017 and General Manager in 2019. Gwënola has been working in Transition Management for more than 20 years and has market and business expertise that she provides to her clients to support them in their projects. She is always seeking new challenges in varied and complex situations for transition managers.

Transformation/change management, crisis management, development for companies.

Vincent Coderc

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Vincent Codere

After graduating from the Neoma Business School in 2000, Vincent began his career in Finance with E&Y (4 years) then St Gobain (2 years). He began his headhunting career in 2006, first in an English-speaking headhunting firm (11 years) and then in his own organisation (3 years). He joined AHT in 2019 and became partner in 2022.

Multi-functional and multi-sectoral, Vincent supports his clients in all their transformation, crisis management or relay management projects.

Thomas Drischel

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Thomas Drischel

After graduating with a Master’s degree and an Executive MBA from HIBS in London in 2014, Thomas started his career as General Manager in the retail sector (Decathlon, LVMH).

In 2017, he joined the world of executive recruitment and joined Arthur Hunt Transition as missions director in early 2020. A networker with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he supports and advises management committees on their transition management needs.

Transformation, growth support and management relays are all specific contexts in which Thomas makes good use of his expertise and a network of experienced, mobile and immediately available managers.

Sébastien Madelin

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Sébastien Madelin

With a Master’s degree in Economics and a DEA [diploma of advanced studies] in International Relations, Sébastien acquired expertise in Recruitment and then in the Talent Management Department.

Sébastien has developed the know-how to identify, attract and develop the skills of managers and high-potential employees. He has worked in consultancy to support clients in their recruitment projects and in companies (in the Industry and Services sectors), in steering and managing HR teams.

He has worked in international environments on operational and strategic functions to structure HR services.
His multi-sectoral experience and knowledge of corporate management functions enable him to operate in a wide range of environments.

« Experienced talents, immediately available, and perfectly adapted to the challenges of organizations »

Our Areas of Intervention

Arthur Hunt Transition helps companies manage unexpected and urgent situations.

Our methodology

Our customers’ requirements have led us to design a pragmatic approach in 4 phases. This approach is based on active listening and extensive knowledge of the required businesses and functions, while benefiting from a strong results-based culture.

Phase 1: Analysis of the challenges of the assignment
Phase 2: Action plan Phase 3: Performance of the assignment
Phase 4: Transmission

Our activities

We are involved in all the functions of a management committee, operational departments and their teams, across all business sectors.


Our Talent Hub

Our Talent Hub is made up of Human Resources experts dedicated to identifying, evaluating and recruiting transition managers. They analyse and select the managers whose know-how and soft skills meet our skillset requirements and who will be a perfect fit for the work assigned to them.
Our Talent Hub is the preferred point of contact for our managers throughout their professional career.

Our international network

From France or through our network of partners, Arthur Hunt Transition operates in France, Europe and Africa.

Our business sectors


Industry (60%): Automotive, agri-foodstuffs, healthcare/pharma, plastics processing, aeronautics, etc.

Services (40%) : Retail, passenger transport, media, banking/insurance, publishing, tourism, etc.

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